The Journey

journeyMy daughter is currently applying to colleges and the experience has been interesting for the both of us.  While doing recon on admissions processes, I came across this blog post “Position vs. Disposition“, by Rick Clark.  While the message has been told many times in many ways – it’s the journey, not the destination – I though his version told through his experience was a powerful message.  His context of being rejected by a college should be celebrated (certainly after the sting has gone) – as the work you put into pushing yourself to reach a goal is ultimately a reward itself.

“..while you may not have been given a position in said college, you have earned something no admission letter will ever give you—a disposition formed through growth, maturity, and commitment.”

-Rick Clark

This life message that is true in all situations, in work and in personal matters. However sweet the reward is, such as a promotion to a role you’ve wanted for a lifetime, remember that it’s what you did to get there that is the true benefit and stays with you forever.