Ever since I can remember, I’ve had challenges with organzation..and I’ve tried a lot of ‘gimmicks’ to figure out something that would help.  I tried paper calendars, sticky notes, virtual sticky notes, OneNote, Evernote, WunderList, Planner..nothing really worked for me.  I needed something that was easy and accessible.  Wunderlist came very close since it has a mobile client and a fairly simple model for tracking tasks. But, I mainly work in Outlook and it just felt very disconnected.

I decided to write a modern plug-in for it only to find out that Wunderlist was getting an official add-in.  This was better, but it still didn’t feel very integrated and it was slow.

Enter Microsoft To-Do

todoMicrosoft To-Do is the eventual replacement for Wunderlist (brought to you by the same team).  What makes it special is that it fully integrates with Office 365 Exchange Online – tasks. This means I can manage my tasks in Outlook and they will surface in To-Do, and vice-versa.  I can use the ‘Quick Step’ feature in Outlook to create a task from an email, or simply drag an email to the task icon.  If I’m mobile, then the Android To-Do app makes it easy to quickly add a new task as well. My routine still needs some work, but I set aside the first hour of my day to use To-Do to plan my day.  “My Day” lets you prioritize tasks with intelligent suggestions based on a smart algorithm.  The best part is when you complete a task you get a rewarding ‘ding’ sound.

Note that this is still in preview and must be enabled on your Office 365 tenant.  The instructions can be found here. There is some fine print to be aware of before enabling the feature. Once enabled, you can control who can use it through licenses at the user object level.

I encourage you to check it out – let me know what you think in the comments.