StarTAC – the only phone you’ll ever need

Every time I open my phone, I feel like one of the Start Trek crew members.  The Motorola StarTAC is the future – as the first flip cellular phone available.  At a mere $1,000, this phone can do it all.  In addition to clear voice communications, it has SMS text message capabilities.  This includes the ability to send texts, not just receive them. This phone … Continue reading StarTAC – the only phone you’ll ever need

Office 365: Tenant to Tenant Migrations

You may already be familiar with the catalog of Microsoft cloud IT architectures.  I worked on the latest guide describing common scenarios for migrating between Office 365 tenants. This series of topics illustrates several architecture approaches for mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and other scenarios that might lead you to migrate to a new cloud tenant. These topics provide starting-point guidance for planning. This model contains: A … Continue reading Office 365: Tenant to Tenant Migrations

HCW, HMA, OLM – Oh My!

I’ve been working with a few customers lately on integration between Office 365 and on-premises Exchange.  My goal in this post is to give a foundational understanding of the technologies that can be enabled for co-existence between Office 365 and on-premises, and new features that can be enabled for your on-premises mailboxes. In this post I will cover: Exchange Hybrid Hybrid Modern Authentication (HMA) Outlook Mobile … Continue reading HCW, HMA, OLM – Oh My!


One of the core activities performed on all projects we deliver is risk planning.  This important exercise helps a project get ahead of potential pitfalls the could at worst completely stop a project. To facilitate risk planning, someone developed an Excel spreadsheet.  I’ve had this for years – and unfortunately, I don’t know who the original author(s) are.  Click project risk log template to get a copy … Continue reading Risks

Who’s the real MVP? The MVC!

Everyone knows the ‘Most Valuable Player’ acronym, but you may not have heard the term ‘Minimally viable candidate’.  At first, it doesn’t sound too good, but let’s explore. The Minimally Viable Candidate I was first introduced to this term a few years ago when I was asked to participate in creating some certification exams.  There was a professional company helping us (the test creators) understand … Continue reading Who’s the real MVP? The MVC!

Real World Solutions – The Case of DLP Event Tracking

In one of my projects, the customer is planning on using Office 365 DLP.  However, they have a third party company who manages the front-line investigation for violations.  The customer needs a way to allow a non-employee enough access to do their initial discovery and track it. The first attempt was to use the out-of-box alerts in the Security & Compliance center. There were a … Continue reading Real World Solutions – The Case of DLP Event Tracking

The Journey

My daughter is currently applying to colleges and the experience has been interesting for the both of us.  While doing recon on admissions processes, I came across this blog post “Position vs. Disposition“, by Rick Clark.  While the message has been told many times in many ways – it’s the journey, not the destination – I though his version told through his experience was a … Continue reading The Journey